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What's my skin type?


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An important decision you need to make before purchasing your skin care products is to know your skin type. 

Skin types help us select skincare products to use when addressing skin conditions. This is because skin care products have varying ingredients based on the user's skin type. 

There are four basic types of healthy skin - oily, dry,  combination, and normal skin types. All these are mostly based on a person's genetics.

a. Oily skin type: has heightened sebum production around the T-zone and cheek areas. This could be a result of comedogenic cosmetics,  genetics,  stress, or even medications. 

b. Dry skin (Xerosis): This is indicated by a tight and rough skin feel. This skin type needs to be constantly moisturized to avoid chapping and scaling of the skin.

c. Combination skin type: has a combination of dry and oily skin types. 

d. Normal skin type(balanced skin): has fine pores with a smooth texture and overall oil balance. This skin is neither too oily nor dry.

How do you know your skin type?

Just below are simple ways, popular skincare expert, Horam Recommends on his YouTube channel: 

1. Cleanse your face using a gentle shower cleanser, foam till it leathers, then rubs on your face, in a circular motion for about 30 to 45 seconds before rinsing off. 

2. When you get out of the shower, allow your face to rest for 1hour, with no moisturizer or anything whatsoever on your face.

3. Closely examine your skin in front of a mirror. 

    Likely Observations

    i. If you notice your forehead and nose appear glossy or sweating, you have an oily skin type.

    ii. If tight with some flakiness, then it's a dry skin type. 

    iii. You can have a combination skin type if you have a part with some flakiness and the other part glossiness. 

    i.v. The normal skin type has doesn't feel tight nor greasy. 

    Now that you know your skin type, you'll have a better value of your skincare products.


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