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What Your Woman Wants for Valentine


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What Your Woman Wants for Valentine

Hello boo!

So, I'm here to share with you 3 amazing gift ideas for her this valentine. One thing is, we are really busy and we tend to forget to check out unique gifts for our queens on time till it's almost too late. And when the day is drawing so close, we just get regular gifts for her and continue to recycle same kinds of gifts every year. 

This post is for the awesome and sweet guys looking for recommendations on how to surprise their partners with gifts this Valentine.

Here is a list composed based on polls

1. Makeup:

Makeup items ranging from powder, eye shadow, lipsticks, eyeliner, hydrating serum and much more are thoughtful all time gifts for ladies. There are lots of trusted brands you can buy from: charlottetilbury  Avonrevolution beautysleekmissguided. With a collection of these makeup products, she’s got all she’ll need for several beautiful looks. 

Picture: missguided

2. Peruvian Bundles and Weaves

If you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t cost a fortune, yet will be very appreciated…Peruvian hair weave is a good choice. They  are durable and versatile with outstanding hairstyle looks. You can have them in different length and colours. When choosing a weave, you have to be careful not to buy a wrong one, this is because there are a lot of hair brands out there. It could be really difficult for a male to choose the right weave because of the many factors to consider when shopping weaves. 

To avoid getting the wrong choice, shop  luxury virgin peruvian kinky straight human hair with lace frontal,  luxury virgin Peruvian curly human hair with lace frontal, and luxury virgin Peruvian body wave human hair with lace frontal handpicked by professionals. 

With a nice hair, you can be rest assured that your babe will constantly be in a good mood. Get her hair bundles that will make her constantly look like a queen.

3. Skincare products

When you invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a long time. Skin care products are inexhaustible. Many ladies go extra to take care of their skins but refused to tell others the products they use. I’ll tell you the secret. Why hoard the information when we can all glow and look 20 when we’re 60. Lip care, moisturizer, face serum, cleansers, scrub, face mask, facial toner, eye creams, face oils, anti aging cream, hydrating lotion, sunscreen are all essential skincare products your babe should have. You can check these brands Kiehls skincareLancome skincareMissguided beauty and skincare

Picture: Skincare

4. A piece of jewelry

For the lucky woman in your life, a piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for her this valentine because it reminds her of how gorgeous she is. Women love jewelry; they have loved to wear them since time immemorial as it is known for its symbol of femininity . The role it plays in increasing beauty and enhancing looks makes it an indispensable gift items year in year out. Choose any variety ranging from earrings to bracelet to necklace to wristwatch, especially engraving her name, initials or a romantic 'I love you' note on it and thank me later.

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