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Waxing or Shaving?


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Waxing or Shaving?

Waxing and shaving are common methods of hair removal. Waxing requires warm wax to remove hair follicles while shaving is a method that involves using shaving sticks or razors to trim the hair.

I cannot really tell which is better; it depends on the individual's choice. Myself, for instance, I have never tried waxing because I've heard reports about how painful waxing can be. I'm team shaving.

So, I asked a couple of friends what they'll rather go for. Read below some responses:

Shaving is so easy for me. It's something I can do anytime. Waxing seems to require so much preparation, I'm not sure I have that time. - Miss B

It's team shaving for life! Shaving can't take me more than 5 minutes. It's something I do every day after the shower - Mrs. A

I've actually waxed before, my boyfriend persuaded me to. I found it uncomfortable ... I even farted – Miss R

I tried both waxing and shaving for the skin and pubic area for a while. I find shaving kind of high maintenance because it requires me to do it really often. Unlike the waxing, I do it less often than shaving yet it gives me clean and stubble-free skin - Buki

Even though I haven't waxed before, I think I prefer it. This is because of the bumps shaving gives me, and the speed of hair growth. I'm considering a DIY sugar wax on my legs soon - Roselyn

In all, both waxing and shaving have positive and negative sides.

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o. Shaving is quick and easy to do yourself, without any serious preparation.

o. Shaving is affordable and requires easy to acquire items such as razors and hair-removing cream.

o. It is pain-free and seamless.


o. Results usually last less than a week.

o. It only cuts hair from the skin, and not from the roots.

o. Can irritate your skin

o. Can result in undergrowth thereby leaving a dark mark or shadow on the outside

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o. The result of waxing lasts between 3 to 4 weeks.

o. Waxing is a great exfoliating process because dead skins are removed from the skin.

o. The skin feels smoother and cleaner after waxing

o. Waxing makes the hair grow back finer and lighter.


o. Waxing requires pulling the hair from the root; hence it can be painful for some.

o. The hair becomes hard and your skin becomes rough and patch.

o. It can cause inflamed hair follicles, itching, and tiny bumps.

The choice is yours, cheers!

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