Things in your wardrobe you should get rid of today

Things in your wardrobe you should get rid of today

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Things in your wardrobe you should get rid of today

How do you have a closet stuffed full of shirts and pants, yet it appears like you don't have clothes, especially when you want to go out. 

How interesting! 

Sometimes, you just can't find the outfit you need. This is because it's full of clothes you no longer wear.

Have you tried decluttering? Decluttering is a process that should be done as often as possible because it helps take control of your items.

Mark your calendar on how often you want to declutter your wardrobe. Decide what to throw away, give out or keep.

Here is a list of items in your wardrobe you should get rid of today:

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1. Faded, torn, or stained outfit

Apart from covering one's nakedness, clothing gives confidence. Do you have shorts with holes in them or shirts with stains somewhere around the armpit area? Don't kill your confidence with bad outfits. Get rid of them, because they don't look gorgeous.

2. Old underwear

The quality of your undergarment determines how long they'll serve you. They can be kept for as long as you want, provided there are no holes and the elastic is still firm.

A study in the UK reports that holding on to underwear for more than a year can lead to significant health risks. Wearing old underwear allows bacteria such as E.Coli to foster, which can lead to urinary tract and yeast infections, reports the Daily Mail. 

If your bra is more than a year old or the support is bent out of shape, consider shopping for new ones.

3. Outfits you no longer like

Styles and fashion change with time. If you no longer find some of your outfits appealing, don't let them sit in your wardrobe taking all the space. There's no need to keep them!

4. Broken hangers

Swap the broken or damaged hangers, this will make your closet look luxurious. Invest in a fancy wooden clothes hanger, it is perfect for tidying the wardrobe.

5. Multiple outfits that look identical

Is there really a point in having a collection of tees or jeans in similar colors and identical patterns? Pick your favourites from each group and let others go.

6. Dresses you've not worn in a year

Some dresses are particularly hard to let go of, because of the cost you got them, or the events they represent. More often than not, you wear them only on the day of the event and leaving them hanging in your closet for a long time. Bridesmaid dresses are a typical example, they might not be suitable for an everyday style; consider converting them to something simpler, donate or sell them.

7. Swags - Stuff We All Get

Honestly, I have been guilty, in my younger years, to be impressed with promotional t-shirts of my favorite companies or organisations.

Search your closet, and get rid of customized or branded giveaway items from events such as t-shirts given on birthdays or campus events.

Freebies are great for wearing within the house, they do not define a good fashion style, so you really don't need to keep every one of them. 

8. Things that don't fit

There are likely a number of ill-fitting items in your closet you need to pass down to someone else. Ill-fitting could be a result of adding or losing some pounds of weight; or shrinking or expanding of the outfit. Ill fitted clothes when worn don't give a fantastic look.

Let's both go through our wardrobe collections, and do the needful today.