Stop that Frizz Now! How to prevent frizz in Afro Hairs

Stop that Frizz Now! How to prevent frizz in Afro Hairs

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Afro and curly textured hair are more prone to frizz due to its nature and texture.

When your hair is dry, frizz can happen when it absorbs moisture from the environment. Even for healthy hair, high humidity environments can lead to frizz when your hair absorbs excess moisture. But not to worry, here are some few tips to help you stop that frizz:

Step 1: Control the Frizz

Use frizz control shampoo and conditioner for hair washing. Recommended products are :NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo and conditioner; TSD Hair Flower Extract Conditioner and Slip Silk Pillowcase to mention but few. These products are proven to improve the afro hair textures.

Towel dry hair with a microfibre towel or a t-shirt after washing. Yes you heard me! T-shirt. This will help to reduce frizz as the use of normal towel  could  cause hair breakage due to hair been caught on the fibres of towel during rubbing.Using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to dry your hair after washing is a key way to reduce frizz. When using a regular towel, the friction when drying causes your hair to get caught on the fibers of the towel resulting in breakage.

Step 2: Do this regularly

Finger comb your hair whilst wet in order to detangle your coils, this goes a long way in frizz control for natural black hair. Alternatively, you can detangle hair when it is dry by wetting the tips of your fingers before detangling.

After washing your hair (shampooing and conditioning), air dry your hair or use a diffuser instead of using a blow dryer. This is because excessive heat may cause damage to the cuticles and create a frizzy mess instead of a controlled mane.

Step 3: Braid Hair

Braiding your hair into ponytails after washing and put it up in a bun. This will go along way to stop frizz. Frizz struggles is put in check when cuticles are well mated into place.

Step 4: Get a Trim
Make hair trimming a periodic activity in keeping your hair strong and healthy. It's not rocket science that getting rid of split ends is key to frizz control.

Step 5: Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase 

Cotton pillowcases or head wraps sap the moisture out of your hair and allow added friction, which in turn leads to frizz. So, we recommend that you sleep with a  satin pillow or use a silk hair bonnet. 

Tips on How to Tame Frizzy Curly Roots

Apply Products from Root to Tip. The number one cause of frizz is dehydrated hair. 

Use Gel to Smooth Frizz. When styling our hair, many of us shy away from using hard hold gels to prevent helmet hair. 

Seal with Silicone. 

Remove Product Build Up. 

Repair the Damage.

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