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Easy way to get rid of chapped lips


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Easy way to get rid of chapped lips

Hey there,

Do you know there is a tendency that the winter season was harsh on you resulting in tight and chapped lips?

Source: Kayleigh Noelle (A picture of before and after lip exfoliation)

According to WebMD, a couple of factors like sunlight, cold and dry air can be contributing factors to chapped lips. This is because the lips have thin skin, which cannot hold moisture thereby making it susceptible to dryness.

Hence, it’s important to exfoliate the lips at least once or twice a week to keep the lips looking healthy and soft. Exfoliation helps to remove dead dry skin, makes the lips smooth and healthy, keeps the lips moist, and also prevents bleeding of the lips.

Interestingly, it is important to let you know that some of us experience chapped lips all year round, regardless of the weather condition.

How to exfoliate your lips using honey scrub

Raw and pure unpasteurized honey to hydrate and smoothen the skin.

Organic extra virgin coconut oil

Sugar as an effective natural exfoliant, when mixed with honey, becomes a great moisturizing lip scrub.


o. Make sure you wipe your lips clean off lipsticks or anything makeup.

o. Add ¼ teaspoon (coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey in a container and mix with a spatula or finger.

o. With your finger or toothbrush, use the mixture to gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion for almost a minute.

o. Use makeup wipes or a damp towel to clean and get rid of the dead skin.

o. Evenly distribute leftover honey on your lips.

o. Keep moisture trapped by masking the lip area with a humidifier or ziploc for almost 15 minutes. You will feel hydration, add your lipstick or balm and you're good to go.

o. If you won't be using a mask, it is recommended that you wear a lip balm containing SPF so as to prevent direct sun damage.

There are no side effects to exfoliating, please do so as often as possible to avoid chapped lips. Imagine applying lipstick on dry or chapped lips, trust me, they won't look great at all.

Bye for now, winter!


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