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Celebrities changing the game in the world of beauty

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Celebrities changing the game in the world of beauty 

It's interesting to know that many celebrities from Rihanna, Kylie, Selena can boast of their own range of beauty products.

Taking a look into who some of these celebrities are:

1. Halsey

The New Jersey singer and songwriter broke all rules to launch her brand's first collection About Face in 2021. The collection features highlighters, lipsticks, and eye shadows in tones of bold colours.

2. Rihanna - 

The Barbadian sensational singer made a bold entry into the beauty industry when she launched her Fenty brand for all skin types. 

Starting off in 2017Fenty Beauty launched with a foundation for all, with 40 different shades from fair to deep shades. It is popular for its brand inclusiveness across skin tones. The collection is for the face, cheek, lip, eye, brow, and body.

3. Selena Gomez -

Miss Gomez's Rare Beauty launched in September 2020 with 48 different shades of foundation to suit all skin types. The collection also features lip liner, lipstick, and eye shadows.

4. Kylie Jenner

Since launching in 2015, her brand has become one of the biggest cosmetic brands in history. The American model started out with a line of lipsticks, matching lip liners with a follow up with various cosmetic category including eye shadows, face pallets, and application tools, and has since branched out into face makeup and skincare.

5. Tracee Eliss Ross -

The Black-ish star actress known for her voluminous locks launched Pattern Beauty for 3D to 4C curly hair. Her motivation is to help people struggling with managing curly hair.

'I was dreaming about doing this all through high school. I had logged hours and hours in trenches with my hair. Many of us can chronicle the journey of our self-acceptance through the journey from our hair. I think, in all honesty, the timing is perfect, ' she said.

6. Jennifer Lopez

The 51-year-old actress launched her J.Lo beauty brand consisting of eight skincare products, a gel-cream cleanser, a sheet mask, and an eye cream.

J.Lo created a collection of everything ranging from mascara, lipstick, eyelashes, blush, eyeshadow palette, and bronzer. 

A unique component of the eyeshadow palette is that it allows you to personalize your palette with specific colours and products you need. You no longer have to buy that five-piece eye shadow kit to get the colour you want.

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica named her beauty line Honest Beauty. The focus is on skincare and makeup.

'I've had so many looks over the years, but now I really love classic feminine looks that are all about accentuating your natural beauty," said Jessica.

8. Drew Barrymore

The ace actor and producer invested in creating Flower Beauty with collections ranging from concealer, highlighter, mascara, lipstick, and foundation.

9. Millie Bobby Brown

The young British actress and model named her beauty brand Florence by Mills after her grandmother. Her priority for the brand is affordability, especially for her teenage fans who love to use makeup. The brand includes an exclusive line of 20 shades of foundation and concealer.

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