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Best tips to maintain your braids


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Best tips to maintain your braids

Image source: Qthebraider

Considering the time it takes to braid our hair, many of us wouldn’t mind rocking the hair for a month or more. Really, everything boils down to proper management of the hair. If you can’t care for your hair, you obviously won’t get the best of it. Braided hair requires as much care as your natural hair.

Here are tips to consider if you want to rock your braids well:

Wear protective hair cover

Before you go to bed, always wrap your hair with a scarf or a bonnet, preferable silk or satin. The hair bonnet is a special cap made for protecting hair during sleep time. This can reduce friction while you roll at night.

Keep your scalp moist

For someone like me faced with a dry scalp challenge, I cannot afford not to moisturize. Your hair has cells, hence it’s a living thing, and as such needs, moisture to survive. 

Moisturize your scalp using a leave-in conditioner, coconut oil, almond oil or apricot castor oil to avoid dryness of the scarf which can cause itching and irritation. In the process of itching, the hair becomes untidy. So, put some drops of oil in a spray bottle, and sprinkle on the scalp. 

In the case of dandruff, peppermint oil may be effective for reducing dandruff and soothing the scalp.

Wash braids

No matter how long you’ll be having your braids on, endeavor to cleanse every two to three weeks especially if you sweat a lot or during the summer months. 

The buildup of dead skin cells, sweat, natural oils, hair care products, or even dirt for the environment trapped in between your braids is responsible for the unpleasant smell. 

Gently wash your braided hair with shampoo, and ensure to massage the scalp.

Avoid excessive styling and manipulation

I know we all want to rock our braids in different styles, but do you know constant styling puts pressure on your hairline and weakens the roots? Hence, it’s recommended to limit your styling to few times instead of doing that every day.

These tips for maintaining your braids will definitely make your hair last longer and also help you get worth for your money.

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