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Amazing Red & Orange Nail Polish Idea You Should Try


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Amazing Red & Orange Nail Polish Idea You Should Try

If you're considering going red or orange soon, you have made the right choice as they are absolutely a classic when it comes to beauty choices. An ultimate statement of glamour that screams boldness and passion.

Likewise, orange, known to be used amongst women who are creative and happy because of the popular cheerful tropical colour. Let's get to it.

NARS' Hunger Mandarin Red


This shade of red is drop-dead sexy! Very feminine and attractive colour to complement any outfit for any occasion. The best part, its classic versatility can spice up nails of both young and old. Isn't that amazing?

China Glaze's Rock N Royale


This dark red shade on your nails will give your look that fashionable and confident vibe. It is most often preferred over black nail polish because of how it can be worn by anyone and to anywhere including offices. It is more endearing because of its great looks and how it is associated with positive personality traits. Put on some dark shade of red and let's rock and roll.

OPI's A Red-vival City

Opi A Red - vival

This bright red shade is one of the most attractive nail polish colours ever known. It marks you out as someone who is daring, outgoing, free, and doesn't shy away from the spotlight. A true classic, an evergreen.

Essie's A-list


Red like cherry, this shade of red nail polish is set out to give you one great look of va va voom! Not too bright, not too subtle, it adds the right amount of femininity. It is timeless.

Paintbox's Like Spice burnt orange

Paint box

This gorgeous shade immediately gives your nails a good feeling, complements your skin irrespective of the shade. Whenever you want to escape the 'overwhelming look' red nail polish sometimes carries with it, think burnt orange, it is effective in the 'sexy' department with the right amount of deep, rich colour you can never go wrong with.

OPI's Pants on Fire


This finely blended shade of orange is purely magnificent; it lights up every room! It screams spontaneity. Orange nail polish as fine as this draws attention fast and away from all other imperfections. Try an orange hue for a romantic and passionate feel.

Essie's Meet Me At Sunset


The vibrant deep blend of orange is so perfect for either a party or an all-day rendezvous at the beach, it just demands to be seen. A perfect and lovely shade as this expresses the fun-loving side of you and explore the life of the party in you, enjoy it!

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