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5 CONCEALERS TO TRY: How to Make the Best of Concealers


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                                5 CONCEALERS TO TRY: How to Make the Best of Concealers

Did you know that the first concealers were used in the 1920's as make-ups?  Yes, they were!

They were used to camouflage burns, birthmarks and varicose veins.

Concealer is similar to foundation except it’s generally thicker and hides dark circles, age spots, blemishes and more by hiding pigments and blending these imperfections into the skin. 

These days depending on what you are trying to achieve, concealers are found in a few different forms - liquid, stick, crayon, cream or cream-to-powder. 

Out of the lockdown came Skinimalism, the biggest beauty trends since then. Applying concealers  with your lip gloss are the least make-up to wear as you spend more time indoors to give your face a lift while letting your skin glow.

But, to give a little guidance on what might work best for you, a few tips to help you decide which to pick (as well as tips on how to apply it correctly):

  • Best Concealer for Illuminating- YSL Touche Eclat

  • Best concealer for airbrushing - Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer

  • Beat Concealer for  brightening underage- Trinny London BFF Eye/ Serum concealer

  • Best concealer for Hydration- Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer

  • Best Concealer for undertone- Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

  • Benefits of using A Concealer

    • Refreshes tired looking eyes 
    • To disguise puffiness, blemishes, scars and imperfections
    • Camouflage pigmentation and dark circles
    • Lighten dark areas
    • Works with foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve the appearance of a smooth, even skin tone

    A few lesser known and further great ways concealer is used include:

    • As a highlighter over cheekbones, brow, chin and nose bridge
    • To prevent lipstick from bleeding; either by priming the lips with concealer, or by adding a little concealer above the lip line
    • As a base before applying eyeshadow
    • Hide tattoos and birthmarks

    Best Tip: If you are using a liquid foundation, use concealer following application of your foundation. If instead you’re using a powder foundation, apply your concealer first.

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