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3 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Him This Valentine

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3 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Him This Valentine


Hi bae!

If you're in a dilemma of deciding which gift to get for your boo this valentine, you are in the right place. Don't you ever dare to get him boxers or singlet this year. Who says men don't deserve nice things too.

I collated 3 thoughtful and amazing gifts ideas for you to surprise that deserving man this season, and most of all with little budget. You could add some more if you have a robust budget, cheers!

Spa Date


You know men and their hard guy parole? It's all a facade. They, even they too, need pampering. This is the height of pampering you can gift to your man this valentine.

Spa is a great stress management tool; it relieves some stress and offer relaxation and rejuvenation which often lead to improved quality of sleep. This maintains and increases your physical and mental well being.

Getting your man a spa date where you tag along is a totally cool gift for him and a great exercise in self care.



There is no one man that doesn't need a good noise cancelling quality headphones! 
Because music is so important in everyday's activity from cooking to taking a walk to finding our ways to work to relaxation time, you name it.

There are so many brands of super quality noise cancelling headphones in various sizes, colours and feels. Beats by Dre Solo Pro – Tae’ is a perfect idea. This is one perfect gift for your man to unbox this valentine. Try it and see his reaction



A very artsy portrait painting of your man will send him into moments of big grins. Do you know that when you give your man an artsy portrait painting of himself, it sends the signal 'Woah, I never knew I mean this much to her!'? Now you know.

Once, on a platform, a user asked if it will be weird or 'despo' to give a portrait painting to a crush, 86% of the responses from people who responded as 'the crush' said it isn't. How much more your boo! Getting him a painting will go a long way, showing him how much he means to you. Choose a size of your choice and you're good to go!

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