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All Standard price is inclusive of travel time + transport fare up to 10miles.

Book a mobile Afro Caribbean hairdresser and beautician anywhere in the UK. We have a huge number of services. More services are available to book  in Our Book Appointment section when you log in. Still something missed after you log in? You can send a request for a custom appointment on our booking page or send it here by clicking the button below.

Custom Appointment

1. Crochet With Pre Twisted Braids/Twist
2. Crochet With Curly Hair
3. Natural Hair Wash - Condition - Tong
4. Natural Hair Wash - Condition - Trim - Tong
5. Natural Hair Wash - Condition | Cornrow With Your Natural Hair
6. Twist On Natural Hair (Kids)
7. Twist On Natural Hair (Adult)
8. Cornrow With Your Natural Hair (Kids)
9. Cornrow With Your Natural Hair (Adult)
10. Medium All Back Cornrows With With Natural Hair
11. Ghana Cornrows/Cornrows Big All Back(3pkt)
12. Ghana Cornrows/Cornrows Medium All Back (4pk)
13. Ghana Cornrows/Cornrows Small All Back (3pk)
14. Ghana Cornrows/Cornrows Big With Style (4pkt)
15. Ghana Cornrows/Cornrows Medium With Style (4pkt)
16. Ghana Cornrows + Singles With Styles Medium (4pk)
17. Ghana Cornrows +Singles With Style Small (3pkt)
18. Pick And Drop Human Hair
19. Pick And Drop Xpression Hair (3pt)
20. Marley Twist/Kinky Medium Shoulder Length
21. Marley Twist/Kinky Medium Mid Back Length
22. Marley Twist/Kinky Medium Waist Length
23. Braids Small Shoulder Length (2pkt)
24. Braids Small Mid Back Length (3pkt)
25. Braids Small Waist Length (4pkt)
26. Braids Medium Shoulder Length (3pkt)
27. Braids Medium Mid Back Length (3pkt)
28. Braids Medium Waist Length (4pkt)
29. Braids Chunky Shoulder Length (4pkt)
30. Braids Chunky Shoulder Length (4pkt)
31. Braids Chunky Mid Back Length (4pkt)
32. Braids Chunky Waist Length (5pkt)
33. Senegalese Twist Small Shoulder Length (2pkt)
34. Senegalese Twist Small Mid Back Length (3pkt)
35. Senegalese Twist Small Waist Length (4pkt)
36. Senegalese Twist Medium Shoulder Length (3pkt)
37. Senegalese Twist Medium Mid Back Length (3pkt)
38. Senegalese Twist Medium Waist Length(4pkt)
39. Senegalese Twist Chunky Shoulder Length (4pkt)
40. Senegalese Twist Chunky Mid Back Length (4pkt)
41. Senegalese Twist Chunky Waist Length (5pkt)
42. Braids Take Out - Condition - Wash - Tong
43. Braids Take Out- Relaxer - Condition - Wash - Tong (Your Relaxer)
44. Braids Take Out - Condition - Wash
45. Braids Take Out - Relaxer - Condition - Wash
46. Twist Take Out - Condition - Wash - Tong
47. Twist Take Out - Relaxer - Condition - Wash- Tong (Your Relaxer)
49. Twist Take Out - Relaxer - Condition - Wash
50. Sew In Weave With Leave Out - Tong (Your Hair)
51. Sew In With Closure - Tong (Your Hair)
52. Frontal Wig Installation -
53. Weave Take Out- Condition - Wash - Another Weave (Your Hair )
54. Weave Take Out - Relaxer - Condition - Wash
55. One-off Makeup Only
56. All Day Makeup Only
57. Updo - Bridal Hairstyling One-off
58. Nigerian Gele Group Charge (Up To 20)
59. Nail Artist-french Manicure, Shellac, Acrylic, Full Set, Infill, Gel, Polish (Any)
60. Pedicure - French Pedicure, Polish
61. Henna - Simple Hand Henna - Finger To Above Wrist
62. Henna - Finger To Hand To Arm
63. Henna - Finger To Hand + Foot To Leg + Chest
64. Dreadlock Starter
65. Dreadlock Retwist
66. Semi-Permanent Individual Mink Lashes
67. Semi-Permanent Individual Mink Lashes Infills
67a. Semi-Permanent Individual Mink Lashes Removal + New Set
68. Microblading Brows - last Up To A Year
69. Microblading Brows (Top Up Only)
70. Stitch Braids
71. Lemonade Braids
72. Feed-in Braids
73. Knotless Braids - UP to waistLength
74. Knotless Braids - Mid Back Length
75. Knotless Braids - Waist Length
76. Passion Twist